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Accessible, Efficient, and Convenient Driving Instruction Services from a Welcoming Driving School.

We stand as one of Sydney’s rapidly advancing driving schools, distinguished by a legacy of imparting safe driving skills to numerous individuals over the years. A reputable driving institution offers comprehensive safe driver courses at multiple locations across Sydney. Our courses cater to a wide audience, addressing the needs of absolute beginners seeking to build foundational skills. Guided by Sydney’s foremost experts in driving instruction, our programs equip individuals with the necessary skills to become safe and confident drivers for a lifetime. We are committed to delivering the highest quality driving lessons, incorporating easily understandable tips, all within an affordable budget..


At Safe Driving Institution, we recognize the unique needs of each student, understanding that individual requirements may vary. To address this diversity, our Driver Instructors meticulously assess each student’s driving abilities and tailor instruction to meet specific needs. Our commitment to thorough preparation is evident through the provision of Log book guidance and the facilitation of practice tests, ensuring that students are well-equipped to navigate actual test conditions.


Choosing a Safe Driving Institution for driver education not only alleviates the stress for parents involved in the teaching process but also guarantees that learners benefit from instruction by some of Sydney’s most skilled automatic driving instructors. We offer the flexibility of arranging convenient pickups from a student’s home, workplace, or school. Additionally, our comprehensive range of offerings includes Intensive Driving Courses, Low Risk Driving Courses, and Standard Lessons, all available seven days a week. Our standard driving lesson, spanning 60 minutes, can be extended as needed.


Our team of fully qualified instructors is dedicated to crafting professional driving tuition plans tailored to meet individual requirements. Safe Driving Institution’s overarching goal is to facilitate a seamless transition for our students—from the initial experience of entering a car to the enjoyment of driving and ultimately achieving success in their driving tests.



Safe Driving Institute will provide you with the opportunity to
experience the freedom that many drivers enjoy on the road today.

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  • Lessons & courses 7 days a week
  • Special weekend classes for busy people

  • Easy to book online on RMS website
  • The HPT is a computer-based touch screen test.
  • Download the Hazard Perception  Handbook (PDF)

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  • Don’t be Nervous it affects everyone differently
  • Drive confidently and relaxed!
  • If you obey road rules and drive safely you will PASS


  • Well done! Congratulations!! Now that you have got the driving licence.
  • Driving is an ongoing learning process.
  • Stay focused and do your best.

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Learn the road rules and become a safe and confident driver for the rest of your life

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Our Team

Md. Mominul

Md. Mominul

CEO & Founder

TfNSW Licensed Driving Instructor

Md. Shamsul Arefin

Md. Shamsul Arefin

Senior Vice President

TfNSW Licensed Driving Instructor

Syed Mahmudur Rahman

Syed Mahmudur Rahman

Head of Design & Development

As the Head of Design & Development, I oversee the entire process of developing this website, from ideation to execution.

Mohammed Murad

Mohammed Murad

Managing Director

TfNSW Licensed Driving Instructor

Mahmudul Hasan

Mohammad Mahmudul Hasan

Customer Relation Manager

Establish and maintain positive relationships with existing clients. Provide prompt, efficient, and satisfactory responses to customer inquiries

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