Frequently Asked Questions

Do all of your instructors possess the necessary licensing to provide instruction?

Indeed, all instructors affiliated with Safe Driving Institution are fully licensed Driving Instructors sanctioned by the RMS. Possessing extensive experience and local knowledge, our instructors go beyond merely preparing students for the practical driving test. They place a significant emphasis on cultivating a commitment to lifelong safe driving practices. Our overarching goal is to instill confidence in our students as they navigate the roads.

How many lessons are required?

The number of lessons required is contingent upon individual skills and learning aptitude. While we impart the safest and most practical methods for driving, recognizing the unique nature of each learner is paramount. Following the initial lessons, our instructors will provide their professional assessment to gauge the number of lessons necessary for successful preparation and passage of the practical driving test.

If I already have prior driving experience, what is the implication for the number of lessons required?

If you already possess some driving experience, the requirement for lessons will be less compared to a beginner. Following the preliminary assessment sessions, our instructors will evaluate your existing skills and capabilities. They will identify areas that require enhancement to ensure readiness for the practical test. Subsequently, our instructors will provide a recommendation regarding the number of lessons necessary to address specific learning needs and achieve proficiency.

If I possess a driver's license from another country, what steps should I take to navigate the process of obtaining a license in this country?

If you hold a driver's license from another country, it is essential to undergo driving lessons to familiarize yourself with the local roads and adhere to the high standards required for passing the practical test in this country. While you may already possess driving skills, adapting to the specific road conditions and meeting the stringent requirements of the local driving test necessitates additional training. Over the course of a few years, driving habits may develop, and it is crucial to address any potential shortcomings to ensure success in the practical test. Our recommendation is to commence with an assessment lesson, followed by a regular schedule of at least one lesson per week. This approach allows for the refinement of skills and the correction of any undesirable driving habits. Simultaneously, we encourage candidates to initiate preparation for the theory test, leveraging resources available on the RMS website. Upon successful completion of the theory test, it is advisable to schedule the practical test and continue with lessons until the test date. This comprehensive approach enhances the likelihood of a successful outcome in the practical test on the first attempt.

Is the option available to select either a 1 or 2-hour lesson duration?

While the majority of individuals opt for 2-hour lessons, we strive to accommodate specific preferences for 1-hour sessions based on individual circumstances. It is important to note, however, that a 2-hour lesson provides a more comprehensive learning experience and proves to be a more cost-effective choice in the long term.

What is the duration of each lesson?

Typically, each session is scheduled for one hour. However, we strongly recommend considering two-hour lessons when feasible. This approach enhances the opportunity for rapid progress by allowing ample time for the practical application of acquired skills. Consequently, this strategy is more conducive to expeditious test success, resulting in significant cost savings.

What transpires during each lesson?

During each lesson, our driving instructors are adept at providing comprehensive instruction encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects, ensuring the delivery of optimal tuition. Upon the conclusion of each driving session, a recap session is conducted between you and your driving instructor. This recap entails a review of the acquired knowledge and skills, culminating in the establishment of objectives for subsequent lessons. This systematic approach is designed to facilitate a consistent and measured progression in your learning experience.

Do you offer intensive courses?

Yes, we do provide intensive courses, and some learners successfully complete the program within a span of just a couple of weeks. The duration of the course is contingent upon the learner's progress, and for optimal results, it is advisable to schedule the driving test at the conclusion of the intensive session.

Can I just take one or two lessons before my practical test?

Yes, it is possible to take one or two lessons before your practical test, and if you can demonstrate the ability to safely operate the vehicle, you have the option to utilize the instructor's car for the test. However, it is important to note that success in the test is not guaranteed with minimal lessons. Some individuals opt to reduce the number of lessons to save costs, but this approach may prove counterproductive. Many find that, in the long run, after facing multiple test failures, the overall expenses increase. Therefore, if financially feasible, it is advisable to consider taking the recommended number of lessons before your test, enhancing the likelihood of passing on the first attempt.

Will I need a lot of lessons?

The number of required driving lessons varies individually based on driving skills and learning abilities. There is no precise figure applicable to everyone. Following initial professional lessons, your instructor will assess your current driving skills and provide informed guidance on the additional training required for your proficiency.

Can you offer evening and weekend lessons?

Certainly! The instructors at Safe Driving Institution maintain flexibility in their working hours and are capable of accommodating evening and weekend lessons, should they be necessary or preferred.

Can you pick me up from the pick up location and drop me off at a different location

Upon sufficient advance notice, our instructors at Safe Driving Institution are generally amenable to providing pickup and drop-off services at different locations, within reasonable limits. This accommodation is made without typically affecting the scheduled lesson time.

Do you offer refresher courses/lessons?

Certainly! Our instructors are equipped to provide refresher lessons or a series of lessons tailored for individuals who have successfully passed their practical driving test but may require additional support in specific areas or seek to bolster their confidence. These refresher lessons are beneficial for drivers who have not engaged in driving for a period or those seeking guidance and correction of current driving habits

Do you offer theory test advice and assistance?

All our instructors are fully qualified professionals capable of providing complimentary advice and assistance for the theory test to our pupils. For further information or assistance, please feel free to consult with your instructor or visit our website

Do you have dual controlled vehicles?

Indeed, all our vehicles are equipped with dual controls, and we prioritize the utmost care to ensure your safety throughout the learning process.

How long will it take me to pass my driving test?

The duration required to achieve the necessary proficiency for the RMS driving test standard is individualized, as driving is a life skill developed uniquely by each learner. Our fully qualified instructors at Safe Driving Institution are adept at understanding the varied learning pace of each individual. They are trained to employ the preferred teaching methods outlined by the RMS, ensuring comprehensive preparation for the driving test.

What do I need in order to start taking my driving lessons?

Prior to commencing driving lessons, it is imperative to possess a current and valid Learner Driving License.

What is the minimum age requirement to apply for a driver license?

The minimum age requirement for applying for a car driver's license in Australia is 16 years.

Do you offer 3 for 1 driving lessons so we get 3 hours for doing one hour driving lessons in the logbook?

Indeed, all instructors of Safe Driving Institution are licensed by the RMS, allowing us to provide the option of 3-for-1 driving lessons, where three hours of driving are credited for every one-hour lesson recorded in the logbook.
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